Craigslist Gem #1

A few weeks ago I decided that I should start a “Das Kapital” reading group. Why? Because it is one of those monumental texts that should be read, but its unending density and dry textbook prose means I have to read it with other people.  So I searched Chicago’s Craigslist for “communism” and found this:

It is in fact what the bold text, randomized caps locks and unending prose make it out to be: an expression of the infuriating inability to expose our truths and be heard.

I definitely do not agree with this person’s viewpoint or evidence.  There are many reasons for this, one of them simply being that there few tangible points to engage with.  However, I do empathize with the need to exorcise emotional frustration.  I too know the itching skepticism, the intuitive feeling that even if I were to “uncover” some apocryphal story it would fall on deaf ears.

But hey, I haven’t even read through this person’s whole piece.  So I’m just as guilty of covering my ears.  But I just cannot get past the density.  The labyrinth. Yet, I open it  occasionally to read a few sentences out loud.

I find it is the man standing on improvised soapboxes mega-phoning his doomsday proclamations who has become this Craigslist ad.  The prophetic warnings in this mimed advertisement are slow to reveal themselves (perhaps one being how ad-speak has melded seamlessly with our language and psyche, so that we cry for help and attention through Craigslist ads).  It’s moments (or spaces, I’m not sure which) like this that the schizophrenic, frantic tendencies of our cities are expressed.  And I want to be near the incongruity of it all.

Ironically it makes me feel less inhibited in my beliefs.  I believe the person writing this is merely expressing the paranoia, dispossession and alienation all of us feel to varying degrees.  It’s just that their means of expression are curious and alarming.

It’s alarming simply for the sheer shape and tone of the post: the change of mood indicated by the vacillating use of caps lock– the harder it is to express the point, the more fervently pitched the voice becomes swelling into a caps lock, losing confidence with every ellipses; the internalization of racism, propaganda and poorly understood economics are unsettling– it is a tendency of the fearful to hurl venom and cling to easy narratives (i.e. anti-Chinese propaganda that is more steeped in racism than it is in fact).

But what initially caught my attention was the curious fact that it was on Craigslist to begin with.  I mean, if I can be allowed to make up statistics here, it seems like 1 out of 4 Craigslist posts is a scam.  Not to mention that the post itself is so internally inconsistent that even if one wanted to believe it would be hard knowing where to start.

Maybe that’s why I keep returning to it.  I want answers, and like the writer, I want my disbelief to be believed in.

Here’s a taste if you don’t feel like going to the link:


Among Rob Portman supporters are Republican Senator Mitch McConnell and McConnell’s Chinese born Father-in-law James Chao. James Chao is a very wealthy shipping magnate who operates for Communist China, shipping goods to the U.S. James Chao and his daughter Elaine Chao(McConnell’s wife) are in fact, personal friends of the Chinese Communist Leader,so no doubt is Senator Mitch McConnell.Money, sweetheart trade deals,jobs outsourcing, bonuses to companies who shipped their business to China, Rob Portman working in concert with McConnell in Congress and later becoming Bush’s Budget Director and Trade Advisor Elaine Chao being George Bush’s longest serving cabinet member as his Labor Secretary, and “Lobbying” for trade with her friends in China- hiring former Mitch McConnell aides to work in the Department of Labor, while complaining about U.S. workers and praising Chinese workers. Rob Portman worked closely with China when he owned a machinery business that sold the Chinese made Equipment. What A glob of Fudge that smells too fishy to put Portman in the Senate. GOOGLE ….GOOGLE …..GOOGLE DOSENT LIE………………………………………………… PLEASE GOOGLE JAMES CHAO AND CHINA’S FAMILY DYNASTY RUPERT MERDOCH , GOOGLE ELAINE CHAO FATHER , JIANG ZEMIN / CHINESE LEADER ( BEHIND IRON CURTAIN ) AND JAMES CHAO SCHOOLMATES NOW THERE IS A THIRD POOR SWEET RUPERT HE CANNOT EVEN WALK STRAIGHT ANYMORE . …. AND THERE BOARD SEATS / PURCHASE / OWNERS FOX MEDIA / WALL STREET JOURNAL ETC. FOX-COMMUNIST MIDIA COMPANY ( SWEET RUPERT NEEDED SOME FINANCING FOR THAT CONGLOMERATE BRAIN WASHING MACHINE HE HAS PUT TOGETHER. , WE THOUGHT ZEMIN WAS ON HIS DEATH BED LAST WE HEARD FROM BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN , NOW HE HAS RAISED TO BE ON WALL STREET JOURNALS BOARD …….. CNN HAS ALREADY BEEN…BOUGHT ..AND PAID FOR / COMMUNIST RUN MEDIA COMPANIES AND THERE AFFILIATES …….BRAINWASHING ……. MONGERING HATE AND RACE MONGERING … EVIL / COMMUNISM IS IN FULL STRENGTH …….ALIVE AND WELL …………. CHINA’S FAMILY DYNASTY …………DO YOU ALSO KNOW CHINA HAS OUR CREDIT FILE AND SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS ….. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN OUR FORE FATHERS PUT PROTECTIONS FOR OUR GOOD AND HAS BEEN TORN DOWN / DEREGULATION …………..OF BANKS …..ETC. …….. SPECIALLY THE MEDIA ………PUPPETS….PUPPETS …….PUPPETSHSBC —- HONG KONG , SHANGHAI , BANK OF CHINA / CORPORATION ………… TAKE A LOOK AN YOUR FINANCES , SPECIALLY CREDIT CARDS , MERCHANT CREDIT CARD PROCESSING ARE ALMOST ALL FINANCED THROUGH THIS BANK. WAS IN THE NEWS RECENTLY FOR MONEY LAUNDERING. THE MOST CORRUPT SNEAKY NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH , COMMUNIST CHINA………….. THEY ARE THE BEST AT DECEIVING AND HIDING INFORMATION. WHAT DID YOU THINK HSBC MEANT ? …… IF RONALD REAGAN AND OUR FORE FATHERS BEFORE HIM KNEW WE WERE DEALING WITH A COMMUNIST NATION THEY WOULD BE SO DISGUSTED……………. WAKE UP AMERICA COMMUNISM IS HERE AND NOT ONE BULLET FIRED ………….. OUR POLITICIANS SOLD US ALL OUT ……….. WITH FEDERAL RESERVE ZIONIST / BEN BERNANKE / WALL STREET.NOW INFORMATION ON THESE CORPORATIONS ARE ALL HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC VIEW / COMMUNISM THE DOWN FALL OF ALL COUNTRIES IS CORRUPTION ………………………….. ALL THE COMMUNIST QUIT- FLAGGING THIS POST ……………….IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM ……………….. 10 / 17 / 12 ……………… BEFORE ELECTION ………………Reply to William Bennett : The Emperor Has no Clothes …..c n n .. Dearest: Mr. Bennett that was a really nice fairy tale. So let’s move on to reality . We are in the middle of the road and this is an important election as to the direction we are heading to. I am a Ronald Reagan die heart. I admired him for his convictions, his moral values and his integrity. I woke up this morning to the greatest country on earth …”” freedom”’ yahoo.


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